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Hey MamaDoc

You're smart. You can do the most amazing, complex medical things and you save lives daily.

But you can't figure out how to do LIFE without working harder. Because that's what we've been trained to do.

So even though you want simplicity and you want to enjoy your life, right now this seems impossible.


Great news is that I've been there and I can help. Simply.

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Our medical training set us up to feel bad

During training, we taught our brain to always see the bad. This is great when we are taking care of sick patients, but not when we are trying to live our lives!


We can teach the brain new tricks!

You're successful. So why are you unhappy?

You are a physician and a mom. You look successful on the outside, but you feel like you're just surviving your life.


Let's get you back to enjoying the life you've created.

You've tried all the things to feel better!

I did too!  Yoga, running, date nights, vacation.  It helps, but only for awhile and then the overwhelm returns.

You can learn the tools to help yourself!

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You are not alone on this journey of being a physician and mom.

BOOKCLUB for physician women

Feeling overwhelmed by life? Do you love to read but can't find the time? I've got you. We combine reading kick ass books and community and work together to feel better! We will meet three times this fall. Sign up so you can get reading today!


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