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Hey MamaDocs

Being a physician mom is no joke.

Frustration and overwhelm become our constant companions...

and then we yell at our kids.

And we feel horrible.


 Sound familiar?

If so, you're in the right place.

I've been there and I can help.

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Our training set us up to feel bad

  During training we taught our brain to always see the bad. Which is great when we are taking care of sick patients but not when we are trying to live our lives!


We can teach the brain new tricks!

You're successful... why are you unhappy?

You are a physician and a mom. You look successful on the outside...but you feel like you're just surviving your life.


Let's get you back to enjoying the life you've created.

You've tried all the things to feel better!

I did too!

Yoga, running, date nights, vacation....it helps...but it only for awhile and then the overwhelm returns.

You can learn the tools to help yourself!

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MamaDoc Blog

You are not alone on this journey of being a physician and mom.

"Want to get your notes done faster?!"

We spend WAY too many night and weekend hours finishing notes. I created a proven simple strategy that works to help you get it all done faster.


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